Maya A Weisinger

Cultural Policy | Social Justice |
DEI Practitioner

What I'm currently up to

February 2021 - July 2022

Amplify: Make the Future of Europe Yours

Amplify is a project working across 12 European countries that brings underrepresented voices in the cultural sector to the Conference on the Future of Europe.

November 2021

Performing Violence, Engendering Change

Conference Panel Discussion
Presentation of the paper, "Tools of Resistance: Women and Art in Afghanistan."

August 2021

Connecting Audiences Danmark

An article about "Amplify" in a Danish magazine which
covers the dissemination of visual art, music, literature, performance, theater, while always keeping the audience in focus.

July 2021

Globe21 Festival | #bordercrossingsolidarities

Forum and Panel Discussion
Art and Peace after Bloody Conflicts: From Understanding to Reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, Germany

I like to do things!

From small projects to long-term community engagement, I'm always determined to put my diverse skill set towards projects that aim towards goals of inclusivity and equity.